Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Yahoo Acquires Zimbra

Zimbra, one of the trade mark applications of web 2.0 paradigm is taken .. According to zimbra.com yahoo has bought zimbra for $350m .. neat eh ?

We are excited to announce today that Yahoo! is acquiring Zimbra to extend its email leadership to the University, Business and ISP markets.. In order to focus on this effort, the Zimbra team will report to the communications group where we will remain fully committed to the community and to our customers and partners while leveraging opportunities to enhance their current experience.

Well it maybe a great step to regain ground in mail section, which it is loosing to gmail, Also I think its a measure to counter gmail for enterprises market, Google is doing good with Google apps and yahoo needed to counter that and zimbra might actually pull that off. Zimbra is an open source framework which allows developers and enterprises to integrate their services with zimbra services, Organizations have integrated zimbra with ERP and Inventory systems.. Ask me "How open source ppl earn money" And I might have an answer for you this time :)..