Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dojo 0.9 Beta scheduled for today

Love Dojo ? Well you have a reason to jump off the roof (in ur swimming pool of course) and get back to ur work stations to adapt your skills to a very different but lightning fast version of dojo. Yes today is the beta launch day of dojo 0.9 and dojo guys have worked very hard on saving your Kb's and CPU cycles. Well those of you who thought that dojo is hard to learn, will be buying food for ever hungry dojo hackers!! 0.9 book is not finished and is a work in progress but those of you who need a porting guide, can smile a little as porting guide is presentable and if you are a quick learner then sufficient.
So get ready with your local test site !!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Remember The Milk -- The Bob Story

Google loves to surprise both its user and developer community, gd7 delivered more than expectation when it came to powering the developer with ammunition. With gd7 came Google gears, Mapplets and Mashup editor (very much in Beta). One of the early adapters of Google gears is Remember the Milk (Bob the monkey) website. They have a impressive UI and their integration with google services look very sturdy, remember the milk is an impressive example of web 2.0 which brings a fanktacular UI and reliable functionality.
Remember The milk is a web application which helps you manage your TODO list in a fun way,It notify of your events and tasks via IM, e mail etc ... Do check it out !! Maybe it acts as a panacea to your procrastination problem ...
Great Work BoB !!!


Monday, June 4, 2007

Google Gears and Dojo Offline

Google launched Google gears which helps a developer to make its web application work offline, Google Gears is a set of API which works in tandem with a Local Server, Database and a Worker Pool to enable a web application to work offline. Dojo launched a simillar kind of toolkit called Dojo Offline about a month ago, Its time to watch out performance of both the developer toolkits, though Google has the Big G factor to it .. I am particularly impressed by dojo toolkit which AJAXify your web app in a click of a thumb and also gives you a very rich web 2.0 UI with really sweet widgets to cutify your website. Dojo Offline has this edge of being open source and hassle free IP issues which makes it a better contender to provide a complete solution to the offline paradigm. Its two of my favorites competing and I am gonna be hurt anyway. If I get time to work on google gears (which I have to manage with my placements coming), I will publish some tutorials and examples on ajaxkarma, so keep looking !!