Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dojo 0.9 Beta scheduled for today

Love Dojo ? Well you have a reason to jump off the roof (in ur swimming pool of course) and get back to ur work stations to adapt your skills to a very different but lightning fast version of dojo. Yes today is the beta launch day of dojo 0.9 and dojo guys have worked very hard on saving your Kb's and CPU cycles. Well those of you who thought that dojo is hard to learn, will be buying food for ever hungry dojo hackers!! 0.9 book is not finished and is a work in progress but those of you who need a porting guide, can smile a little as porting guide is presentable and if you are a quick learner then sufficient.
So get ready with your local test site !!

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Ashish Patil said...

Hi Dipen,
I saw your name here:

Good to see fellow Indians doing cool things. Especially young onces like you (and me !). Your blog looks pretty cool too ! Keep it up buddy. The way to go !