Sunday, July 1, 2007

An Interesting study of Digital Text

We Sure have advanced a lot !! Application is faster than the speed of thought and really its hard to predict the face of web and the way we communicate.


Elliott said...

Hey Dipen - Thanks for your comment on my new blog! I will actually be here in Vellore for another 10 months, so we should definitely meet up and do some hill climbing. Do you know a way to exchange e-mail addresses so that we won't get onto some huge spam list? Take care, Elliott

aquabot said...

Thanks for that...Vut can you tell me how do i manipulate digital text better? I want to be able to highlight an entire document and delete the commas or replace them with parenthesis. how do i do that?

Dipen Chaudhary said...

Well you will need regular expressions or any kind of pattern matching utility to do it ... If you want to do it programatically or do the same thing many times then writing a script in perl is the best option .. You can also look into many unix based utilities like awk, sed etc ..
Highlighting a document is a formatting task.. You can use a word processor for that eh ? Or i didnt get ur question ?