Monday, June 4, 2007

Google Gears and Dojo Offline

Google launched Google gears which helps a developer to make its web application work offline, Google Gears is a set of API which works in tandem with a Local Server, Database and a Worker Pool to enable a web application to work offline. Dojo launched a simillar kind of toolkit called Dojo Offline about a month ago, Its time to watch out performance of both the developer toolkits, though Google has the Big G factor to it .. I am particularly impressed by dojo toolkit which AJAXify your web app in a click of a thumb and also gives you a very rich web 2.0 UI with really sweet widgets to cutify your website. Dojo Offline has this edge of being open source and hassle free IP issues which makes it a better contender to provide a complete solution to the offline paradigm. Its two of my favorites competing and I am gonna be hurt anyway. If I get time to work on google gears (which I have to manage with my placements coming), I will publish some tutorials and examples on ajaxkarma, so keep looking !!


Brad GNUberg said...

Hi there! Thakns for the nice comments about Dojo Offline. It turns out you can have the best of both worlds now: the ease of use of Dojo Offline coupled with Google Gears (soon) to be large installed base. We are working with Google to port Dojo Offline to run on top of Google Gears, with some cool extra bonus features that weren't in the original Dojo Offline. Watch for it in about 2 weeks.

Brad Neuberg

Dipen Chaudhary said...

hi ..
I am gonna look for that, all my feeds are ready to capture the marriage of titans :P .. Thanks for stopping by, It really is inspiring to have u here ... Will publish dot on ajaxkarma with all my sincerity ..