Friday, May 25, 2007

Dojo 0.9 M2 is out !!

Well Many of You already know that Dojo is on its way of a major release which is gonna affect our knowledge of applying dojo in our solutions. Dojo 0.9 Milestone 2 release is out and can be obtained from here.

Dojo Widget has its own new Name and will be called "Dijit" officially, Dojo core is slimmer and faster as per Alex Russel . I downloaded 24th May's nightly build and started looking in it and ran some tests, which were impressive and convincing for the widgets supported till now by dijit. I will start writing on small How To's here to show the usage of Dijit widget which is easier to understand and less clumsier than the overall bash of dojo 0.4 .

I will first cover form widgets of dijit and ways to use them in your pages and then we can move on to more fancy one like Editor and Tree's or we can mix the order, It all depend on the mood and time constraints.

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