Sunday, August 26, 2007

FireBug -- The Wonder Tool

For the ajaxkarma devotees [:P]:
" Firebug has been around for quite some time now and just because it is mentioned for the first time here, doesn't make it a new in the market beta tool "
For quite sometime I have been planning to write a short tutorial on how to debug javascript and basically "how to be a javascript developer and still be non suicidal", Javascript can really get to your nerves and haunt you at nights with malformed pop ups .. But then its like friction "A necessary evil" you cant make any ajax request or display creamy web widgets without javascript .. For the optimism I have in me ,I am gonna cut short the gloomy airs around JS. Joe Hewitt like a mesiah came to our rescue and made this wonder tool firebug .. Firebug is a javascript, CSS, HTML analyzer which reports almost everything you can imagine about a web page.
This 250kb extension to firefox is better than any debugger, profiler tool you would have worked on your IDE's. It allows you to change DOM in real time allowing you to see changes live, and so CSS and other property you can think of, It contains a script engine to test javascript before incorporating into your page. As I ramble on, I am realizing that nothing I say would aptly describe this tool, So you need to hear it from the man himself, Watch this excellent video which explains the ins and outs of FireBug.

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