Friday, July 11, 2008

Gspace firefox extension - Gmail as your storage device

After series of wild click stream,I found myself on firefox addons page and like every time I was wondering/gaping at the versatility of the firefox platform. The plugins architecture, means to build those et al.Anyways I found Gspace which helps you convert your gmail account into a online file system,now I knew of such utilities on windows but I seldom use windows and hence moved on.Being able to do so from a browser truly is Web 2.0 and pwnage of Desktop as platform.You'll need to install the add on like any other add on and restart your firefox upon which you see the status pop up window icon in the status bar. You can register your gmail accounts with Gspace from manage accounts and create directories (This does not actually create a directory on gmail server, rather its a internal way to simulate filesystem using subject field of the emails). After dealing with account registration you move on to Tools->Gspace which should open a new Window (can also be reached by typing chrome://gspace/content/gspaceWindow.xul on ff2) here you can upload files to the simulated directories which after complete transfer appear in your gmail account as a mail from yourself, Its best to filter these mails and apply a label to it.
Other cool features include ability to stream music from your gmail account right into browser using the google flash player, also you can view photos. This you choose in File Transfer Mode in tools->Gspace.

Tips And Tricks:

  • Do not upload more than 500 files a day, may result in temporary ban from google, which can be upto 24 hrs
  • Its best to create a new gmail account to keep all your files at one place, also in case you DO suffer a ban, it doesn't block your daily mails and primary gmail id
  • I have already mentioned filtering Gspace Mails eh ?
  • Do not even try to store files weighing more than 20 megs, you are wasting your bandwidth, google bounce mails with attachment over 20 mbs
  • Share account with trusted friends to save network resources (like in case of music)

Disclaimer : Its not supported/endoresed by google but a individual innovative hack and hence do mind the 24 hrs block and check your daily transfer to google.


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