Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friendfeed -- Another webapp with a promise

Friend Feed is a web 2.0 aggregator which tracks your activities on social media sites,blogs and present as a single feed, You can also track what people are doing on web 2.0, subscribe to your friend's feed
and then his activities start showing up on friend feed, although you always have option to see your own isolated field at My feed.Friendfeed also have a concept of imaginary friend which you can create if you know username/id of that person on any of the services supported by friendfeed. John resig is my imaginary friend as I know his twitter username :) (Oh, yeh I am digging him lately). Friend feed create a unique url for that imaginary friend in web 2.0 space.

27 services are supported by Friend feed currently

You also can share links from friend feed page via share link widget, I normally use it to share blog links I find interesting so that appears on my blog via the friendfeed widget, which reminded me of the widget friendfeed provides to put on your website/blog so that people who read your content know whats going on with you, read your changing Gtalk messages or track you on twitter or know of your music taste on last.fm.

Friendfeed is started by 4 ex-googlers with gmail,gmap,Google reader fame and that shows the potential it has, there was a buzz in blogosphere of kevin fox ( Gmail UI designer) joining friendfeed ( Actually he has joined Friendfeed ) and thats awesome for its UI prospects. I wonder how silicon valley startups are managed, with 4 ex googlers as co founders and Gmail UI designer with them .. Thats like so much Line of Code per square feet .. I will be tracking friendfeed and its development and for the mean time you can be friends with me on friendfeed.

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