Sunday, February 10, 2008

Twitter -- My current fav web 2.0 app

I've been hearing twitter/twitter for long time now, but never cared much about it as I am already fed up of orkut, facebook from social media point of view ( just interested in its developer framework now !!). So, yeh why bother myself with another blah application which forces me to login, interact ( I am antisocial, if you have not noticed ) and then login back to follow up or worse get a shit load of garbage in my e mail. I was listenin to pantera, readin this Jquery book and surfing ( Alt + tab :P ) when I came across john resig's post about how he is hooked to twitter and how he was dejected to social networks (kind of same emotions more or less, only mine r pretty much aggressive) So, I decided to check it out and Damn!! its one of the most intelligent, convenient application I have seen.
Few Things that impressed me straight away were :
> Clean And Simple design with lots of decent AJAX/Javascript ( not gaudy and jumping )
> The event notification is just fundooo !!
> The XMPP support for notification on gtalk, jabber
> I dont have to login into twitter, I can set my status/microblog from gtalk
> Or even my phone (only that its 3rs/sms :( )
> Most amazing thing is twitter tracking .. I can track keywords in twitter universe via gtalk .. It doesnt give me daily digest of web alerts ... Something google should pick up from twitter, and stop sending me those e mails but notify me on IM (or atleast gimme a option )

What I will like to see in Twitter Or atleast I dont know how to make it work :
> reply to track keywords via gtalk .. that way I make frens based on my dynamic interests and not going to a community and fan club which i join once and forget abt next day..
> More IM protocols supported, partner with yahoo prolly and release a plugin or something ..
> I don't feel the need of firefox plugin for twitter although a quick search show many .. Gtalk is much more convenient
> I still can't figure out a way to reply to twitter updates of ppl I am following, I wanted to ask john resign about his new book and give him some tips maybe [:P]
> Twitter framework is ready to increase its SNS activities as I mentioned before I could meet people with my changing interest via twitter tracker ..

All in All a great app ...

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